Cake Smash! Sounds fun? It is! It’s messy fun.
Our Cake Smashes on the Gold Coast are a unique way to celebrate your child’s first birthday!   It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your child to get down and dirty with their cake in style.  Yum, yum.



This is our team here at Gold Coast Cake Smash Photography. We are a bunch of creatives, who love colour, birthdays and cake! Together we will create the most amazing cake smash experience to highlight your child’s first birthday

Mia's cake smash storyboard


We’ll create a fun day for you to remember and capture your little one as they explore new tastes and textures while digging into a delicious cake! The result is a series of gorgeous, cute and fun photographs for you to treasure. These images make attractive invitations for your party, beautiful décor for your home and amazing gifts for your family.
It is our pleasure to be part of capturing and celebration your little ones first birthday.


There is sweetness in what we do
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